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“I Kissed Marriage Goodbye” – Rescuing the Frozen People

Many years ago, my magazine, Practical Homeschooling, featured a column by a teen homeschooler named Joshua Harris. Joshua went on to write a best-selling book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which he followed with a number of other titles on courtship, sexual purity, and church life. In I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua confirmed what I and [...]

Humility for Young Women

Yes. So. As my mom and a lot of other moms have been discussing in the last few posts, many Christian women are having trouble finding a spouse who is passionately committed to God and shares a vision for homeschooling, world impact, or what-have-you. In fact, a great many cannot find (or be found by) [...]

Where Are the Men?

Wednesday I posted about the lack of qualified husband material for many fine young Christian women today. Half the comments in response were posted here: the other half, on my Facebook page. I found all your comments very interesting. Cati Stokes, in particular, said, ” I also know a number of single Christian men (who [...]

Great Husbands Wanted for Christian Girls

Back when I wrote The Way Home, 25 years ago, one of the benefits I saw to a biblical family life was the way it would literally “grow” God’s kingdom. I envisioned godly young men and women getting married, having large families if God so blessed them, and quickly increasing the number of serious Christians [...]

Who Are They Kidding?

One of the top stories today is “Parents keep child’s gender secret” Not content with encouraging their two older boys to experiment with “girly” dress and demeanor and to obsess about gender (no six-year-old would, on his own, write a booklet under the pseudonym “The Gender Explorer”), this unschooling family have decided to keep their [...]

Gender Wars (part 1)

This is a note I posted on Facebook some months ago. It sparked some good conversation, so I post it here. ~ Sarah — A chiseled-faced young man stands in the center of a basement room that is heavy with testosterone and sweat. The others around him wear suits by day, as they wander purposelessly [...]

Long-lasting marriages are NOT extinct

Here’s a bit of good news! According to an article in today’s Washington Post, “[The] Number of long-lasting marriages in U.S. has risen, Census Bureau reports.” We’ve been told forever that half of all marriages end in divorce. This is still sadly true for black women, half of whose first marriages end in divorce. But [...]

What’s Next for You, Lady College Grads?

This last weekend at Patrick Henry College, where I work, we graduated 58 bright new alumni. My heart goes with them, because I remember my own difficult transition from a safe and loving environment into the carelessness of the wider world. Before my last year of college, I had spent nine months at home helping [...]

How Christianity Empowers Women

A typical modern talking point is that biblical Christianity holds women back. As I explained in The Way Home, this is simply not true. Non-Christian societies throughout history have made women into beasts of burden, while simultaneously restricting their freedom. We don’t have to look back in time to see this, either. Consider this article, [...]

Grateful for My Mom

I realize I cannot let Mother’s Day slip by without a note here — both since my mom and I created this blog together and since it is laid on the foundation of a book that inspired many to have more children. I just want to say a little bit about Mary Pride and her [...]