How Christianity Empowers Women

A typical modern talking point is that biblical Christianity holds women back.

As I explained in The Way Home, this is simply not true.

Non-Christian societies throughout history have made women into beasts of burden, while simultaneously restricting their freedom.

We don’t have to look back in time to see this, either.

Consider this article, published today:

“A Few Brave Women Dare Take Wheel in Defiance of Saudi Law Against Driving”

If biblical Christianity had been all about repression, then American women wouldn’t have been driving since . . . well, since the auto was invented.

As they did. And do.

Or flying planes, like Amelia Earheart and the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII).

Yes, the Bible gives women roots . . . and wings!

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  • Linda says:

    I hate to say it, but I think that it is our secular society gives us rights. Unfortunately, all religion is a bit misogynistic. How do you explain the submissive verses, or the shut up and obey verses. If christianity was the law of the land, we may be able to drive-but only if the husband/head/master allowed it. That’s how I see the submissive verses. As a FORMER christian, I liked the veses on love and bein nice just fine, I just couldn’t stomach the submissive verses. My God couldn’t have wanted to make me a slave or even a perpetual child-submissive and obeying the husband/head. I feel that christianity let me down with those horrible verses.

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