Please “Like” Mary Pride on Facebook & the Web

Even if you just came here from Facebook, please read this post, as you may find we offer more there for you than you might think!

First, I just launched a “Mary Pride Author” page. It’s for those who are fans of my books and writing. There I will post news about reissues of past books, plans for new ones, and requests for you to share experiences and feedback that might make it into one of my books someday! It literally launched 2 days ago, so has only 70 Likes so far. Since it’s been a while since I wrote a book, it would help a lot to convince publishers there still is interest in my writing if tons of you would Like my Author page. Please do . . . I’ll appreciate it!

Second, there’s my regular “Mary Pride” page. It has more general comments on issues of the day, including a semi-regular “Today’s reason to homeschool” feature.

Third, don’t miss the Facebook page for Practical Homeschooling magazine. It’s where we post useful and timely info we can’t squeeze into the regular print magazine. It’s also a great place for PHS readers to give us quick feedback. If you’re a PHS reader, be sure to click on the “Discussions” link in the left-hand margin and leave your thoughts!

And though this isn’t on Facebook, please do visit my website, Homeschool World. There you can find:

• A huge number of helpful Articles from over 70 past issues of Practical Homeschooling, our print magazine
• A very active Forum where you can share questions and answers (including our Used Curriculum Buy-Sell thread!) with over 5,300 other active homeschoolers
• Our Mall area, where you can find links to many cool, new, and unusual educational products for homeschoolers
• A listing of upcoming homeschool Events
• An up-to-date list of homeschool Groups in every state, US territory, and many foreign countries
• A list of upcoming Contests homeschoolers can enter
• A Catalog where you can find some of my books (it’s OK to request autographed copies – no extra charge!), some other helpful books for homeschooling and family life, QuickStudy Guides to tons of academic subjects, and where you can subscribe to Practical Homeschooling

As one of the first homeschooling websites, we have millions of visitors . . . and are grateful for every one. Tell your friends about us. We have all sorts of great plans, as we come up on Practical Homeschooling‘s 100th issue, and we want to share them with as many people as possible!

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