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Mary Pride's first book (of many) was The Way Home, published by Crossway Books in 1985. Soon after that, she wrote the first mass-market homeschool book, The Big Book of Home Learning, which is currently in its fifth edition. While raising and homeschooling their nine children (all of whom are now homeschool graduates), Mary and her husband, Bill, have published several magazines, including Practical Homeschooling, which soon will celebrate its 100th issue.

How Christianity Empowers Women

A typical modern talking point is that biblical Christianity holds women back. As I explained in The Way Home, this is simply not true. Non-Christian societies throughout history have made women into beasts of burden, while simultaneously restricting their freedom. We don’t have to look back in time to see this, either. Consider this article, [...]

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This is the official blog for Mary Pride and her daughter, Sarah Pride. We will be discussing The Way Home: 25th Anniversary Edition, and all the topics found in that book: women’s role, how we affect the world, marriage and singleness, child training, and a whole lot more. Join us!