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Nobody Wants to Walk the Streets

First, I want to reassure anyone reading this that our blog is still alive. I spent half of July in Bolivia on a missions trip and the rest recovering, while my mother has directed all her energies to getting out the latest issue of Practical Homeschooling. That said, I witnessed true poverty for two weeks. [...]

Women “Choose” to Harm Women

You’d think any movement with the label “feminist” would be out for the good of women, wouldn’t you? Not so. I am becoming increasingly more aware of how the sexual promiscuity and other social issues of many vocal feminists stand in direct opposition to one of my life goals — to form and build a [...]

Gender Wars, Part 2: Eternal Value

So much of the gender war in this world is about people trying to prove that we are worth something—to others and to ourselves. The insecurities of the strong cause them to push down the weak, so that they can keep their strength. The insecurities of the weak cause them to undermine the strong, so that their weakness isn’t [...]

Humility for Young Women

Yes. So. As my mom and a lot of other moms have been discussing in the last few posts, many Christian women are having trouble finding a spouse who is passionately committed to God and shares a vision for homeschooling, world impact, or what-have-you. In fact, a great many cannot find (or be found by) [...]

Gender Wars (part 1)

This is a note I posted on Facebook some months ago. It sparked some good conversation, so I post it here. ~ Sarah — A chiseled-faced young man stands in the center of a basement room that is heavy with testosterone and sweat. The others around him wear suits by day, as they wander purposelessly [...]

What’s Next for You, Lady College Grads?

This last weekend at Patrick Henry College, where I work, we graduated 58 bright new alumni. My heart goes with them, because I remember my own difficult transition from a safe and loving environment into the carelessness of the wider world. Before my last year of college, I had spent nine months at home helping [...]

Grateful for My Mom

I realize I cannot let Mother’s Day slip by without a note here — both since my mom and I created this blog together and since it is laid on the foundation of a book that inspired many to have more children. I just want to say a little bit about Mary Pride and her [...]

More on the Osama Woman

Over the last few days, the accounts of a dead woman in Osama bin Laden’s house have quickly taken on the aspects of any good rumor. When I wrote my last post, supposedly she had died in passing, used by someone as a human shield. The next news stories circulated that bin Laden himself had [...]

Death of Osama — and an Anonymous Woman

I woke up this morning to find that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Navy SEALs stormed his mansion and then killed him when he fired a weapon and refused to surrender. Since then, nearby Washington, D.C. has erupted in jubilation, as has the Internet. I observe the excitement carefully, aware how many people – quite possibly [...]

Kicking Things Off

Over the last few months, I’ve had the unusual privilege of working closely with my mother as we have planned this blog and the release of the 25th anniversary edition of her classic book, The Way Home. I consider Mary Pride to be one of the smartest, most perceptive people I know, and I always enjoy [...]