About Mary Pride

25 years ago, with much fear and trembling, I wrote my first book, The Way Home. At the time Bill and I had three children—Ted, Joseph, and our baby, Sarah—and we had just started homeschooling.

During the next 25 years, Bill and I added another six children to our “quiver”—Magda, Franklin, Mercy, Gregory, Madeleine, and Lillian. We started a newsletter, HELP for Growing Families, which was followed by several magazines, including Practical Homeschooling, which we publish to this day. Our nine children are now all homeschool graduates. The oldest five are college graduates and the younger four are completing their college educations.

Armed with this wealth of additional experience, I decided it was time to reissue The Way Home and add some thoughts about topics that had emerged in the intervening years, from Patriarchy to the effect of the Internet on child training. The result is The Way Home: 25th Anniversary Edition . . . and this blog!