About the Book

The Way Home book was published 25 years ago and immediately became the bestselling book of the season for its publisher, Crossway Books. At the time it was written, stay-at-home moms and parents of “large” (meaning more than 2 kids) families were suffering from scorn and ostracism within their own churches. The “evangelical feminists” had romped unopposed through the world of Christian media, with their claims that God wanted women to have small families and large careers.

Having just come out of feminism, through reading the Bible, I was shocked to find the Christian world falling headlong for this nonbiblical view. My study of the entire Bible showed a view where children are a blessing, not a burden. Titus 2:3–5 summarizes God’s plan for married Christian women. Going phrase by phrase, The Way Home explained what it means to love our husbands, to love our children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be “homeworkers,” to be kind, and to be subject to our husbands (think Second in Command, not Doormat) . . . and why it all matters.

25 years later, Bill and I decided it was time to bring The Way Home back into print. I wrote a new Preface and addressed a number of misconceptions in the Afterthoughts. Now, with the help of my oldest daughter, Sarah, we plan to refresh the Preface to appeal to a younger generation of both young women and men who are even more confused about gender roles.

The Way Home blog has been started as a way to dialog with our readers and to judge the level of interest in reissuing updates and sequels to some of my other books. We hope to sweep away some of the confusion that surrounds the topics of what men and women are meant to do in the world, the church, and the home. Sarah and I also hope to curb some of the excesses of well-meaning people who mistakenly interpret “submission” as “subjection.” Our goal in this blog is to increase your knowledge, love, grace, peace, and joy.