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Nobody Wants to Walk the Streets

First, I want to reassure anyone reading this that our blog is still alive. I spent half of July in Bolivia on a missions trip and the rest recovering, while my mother has directed all her energies to getting out the latest issue of Practical Homeschooling. That said, I witnessed true poverty for two weeks. [...]

Gender Wars, Part 2: Eternal Value

So much of the gender war in this world is about people trying to prove that we are worth something—to others and to ourselves. The insecurities of the strong cause them to push down the weak, so that they can keep their strength. The insecurities of the weak cause them to undermine the strong, so that their weakness isn’t [...]

If Saudi Arabia Was Christian . . .

We would not be reading articles like this one: Saudi woman ‘raped by chauffeur’ as campaign to let both sexes drive gathers pace My very first post on this blog was about how Christianity leads to freedom for women – as compared to scenarios like this. Feminists fume about America’s “oppressive patriarchal culture”: welcome to [...]

Humility for Young Women

Yes. So. As my mom and a lot of other moms have been discussing in the last few posts, many Christian women are having trouble finding a spouse who is passionately committed to God and shares a vision for homeschooling, world impact, or what-have-you. In fact, a great many cannot find (or be found by) [...]

What’s Next for You, Lady College Grads?

This last weekend at Patrick Henry College, where I work, we graduated 58 bright new alumni. My heart goes with them, because I remember my own difficult transition from a safe and loving environment into the carelessness of the wider world. Before my last year of college, I had spent nine months at home helping [...]

How Christianity Empowers Women

A typical modern talking point is that biblical Christianity holds women back. As I explained in The Way Home, this is simply not true. Non-Christian societies throughout history have made women into beasts of burden, while simultaneously restricting their freedom. We don’t have to look back in time to see this, either. Consider this article, [...]